Souvenir Editor (SE) – Do you think having won Miss Kut crown has put you on a higher pedestal?
Divya Chingtham (DC) - I just can’t describe my feelings when I won the Miss Kut title, after all its such a coveted title. I really feel elated and elevated.

SE- Did you expect to win the Miss Kut title? Why?
DC- Yes I had the confidence to win the title as I believe in myself. I also worked hard and put in my best.

SE- How did you prepare for the contest?
DC- I practiced my catwalk at home, did yoga to tone up my body, and to hone my IQ and articulation I discussed expected questions with my parents who conducted mock interviews with me.

SE- That means you had the soilid support of your parents!
DC- Yes definitely, without their (parents) encouragement and help I would not have achieved what I did and so much of the credit goes to my parents.

SE- Do you think the Miss Kut cash prize is attractive enough?
DC- It would be a lie to say that Miss Kut prize is not attractive. But then that’s not the main reason why I joined the Miss Kut contest.

SE- What’s the main reason then?
DC- I wanted to explore my talent, Also it was my dream since childhood to participate in a beauty contest.

SE - You dreamt of “participation” and now won it too. Its more than a dream come true. How does it help you?
DC- Yes, but dreams have no ends. The Title (Miss Kut) helps me spread my wings wider.

SE- The Kut Committee implores Miss Kut title winners to donate a portion of the cash prize for charity. What have you done in this regards?
DC- I had visited an orphanage home where I had distributed sweets to the children and donated some amount of cash.

SE- On personal side, did more suitor guys come after you post – Miss Kut?
DC- (giggles and laughs), Yes definitely not only more guys but even girls were/are after me.

SE- What about love and romance, your views or experience in this?
DC- Thought a fun loving I have not involved myself in love or romance. I don’t even have time to think of it as I am too busy with my studies.

SE- What do you think about the judgment/assessment in the Miss Kut competition? Have you at any stage of the contest felt any biasness, prejudice, favoritism or wrong judgment?
DC- I think every assessment at every stage of the competition were fair, The entire crowd on the final stage is witness to fairness in Miss kut judgment.

SE-  Any suggestion to improve the Miss Kut pageant?
DC- The committees are much more intelligent than me so got no suggestion?

SE-  Any message to aspiring Miss Kuts?
DC- Maintain discipline and be friendly to each other, its got to be a healthy competition everywhere.

SE- A word on Kut Committee and Kut?
DC- The Kut committee is a group of innovative and broad-minded people. Kut is one of the most popular and biggest festivals in Manipur. I pray God for successful Kut every year.

SE- Thank you Miss Chingtham and good luck
DC- Thank you Sir.