Editor : Hi Nicky ! How are you?
Nicky : Hi ! I am doing well by the grace of god.

Editor : Oh! it's been momentous; learned many things. It boosted up my confidence more and humbles me to be a good human being for doing good deeds towards the society; the virtue I valued most. I am delighted that I got the title.

Editor : Your most memorable moment during KUT 2009?
Nicky : The moment I was declared and crowned the prestigious Miss Kut title. It was the most memorable moment that I would cherish in my life.

Editor : Are u considering vying on a bigger platform like miss Northeast / Miss India contest?
Nicky : At present I am focusing more on my academic pursuit. At this movement I have no such immediate plan to vying on a bigger platform like Miss Northeast or Miss India.

Editor : According to you what are the essential qualities one should possess to contest in a beauty pageant?
Nicky : I believe one should have intelligence, confidence and believe in herself. Above all have faith in God. In short, the edage " beauty with brains" hold good.

Editor : What would you like to see done to improve Miss KUT contest in future?
Nicky : I would like to see that more candidates from KUT celebrating tribes and more cultural aspects included in the format; more traditional and vibrant westernized.

Editor : Has the Miss KUT 2009 title crought about any changes in your personal and academic life?
Nicky : Sure, to an extent it has brought a change in my personal as well as my academic life. People who did not recognize me earlier now do; and it feels great.

Editor: Your Favorite Attire at home and outside?
Nicky : I like to wear whatever that is comfortable at home. Basically I llike to clothes that are stylish, fashionable trendy and up to date .

Editor: What are the qualities that you would look for in a man when the right time comes?
Nicky: Well, He should be honest & understanding; resonable handsome; established, and above all, he should consider my family as his own.

Editor: What would you feel when the time comes to pass on the Miss KUT 2009 title.
Nicky : Honestly I would feel nostalgic about it. But I am happy that i will still be remember as Miss KUT 2009. One must move on with the constant change of time. Moreover, it would be nice to see a brand new Miss KUT 2010?

Editor: Finally what is your advice to the miss KUT 2010 Contestants?
Nicky : Be confident, believe in yourself and try to respect decision of the judges. Never attempt unfair means to achive success. Remember, at the end of the day there is only one winner. Most important always believe in God.

Editor : Thank you very much Nicky, I wish you all the best in life.
Nicky : Thank you.