The Anal people are a scheduled tribe found in Manipur, India and in Myanmar. They speak their own language, Anal. They are closely related to the Kuki people.

According to the 2001 census, there are 21,242 Anal in India. They are traditionally farmers, carpenters and weavers, although modernization has caused the traditional methods to be abandoned.


Anal legend states that the Anal, together with the other Pakan tribes, originated in Mongolia. They lived in a cave guarded by a man-eating tiger. Two Anals, Hanshu and Hanta, killed the tiger with the help of some birds. After the tiger's death, the tribes left the cave, travelling through China, Tibet, and numerous other areas before settling in Manipur. The Anal are divided into two groups based on who they believe they are descended from, Hanshu or Hanta.

The Anal, along with the Lamkang, Moyon, and Monsang, are an offshoot of the Pakan tribe. They are thought to be descended from R.D. Anual, the founder of Anal Khullen village. They have also been linked to the Kuki people.