Koirengs are one of the indigenous peoples inhabiting Manipur in North-East India. They belong to the Old Kuki Clans of the vastly spread Kuki-Chin group of peoples populating India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. They have a shared common ancestry, history, cultural traits, folklore and dialects with their kindred people.


The word 'Koireng', believed to be termed by the Meiteis is, is a corrupt version of the word, Kolren (Kol=east, Ren= people) or 'Koren'. It is often confused with Koirao/ Quoireng which is the alternate name for the Lyangmei/ Liangmei Naga tribes of Manipur. Linguistically, Koireng is classified under the Tibeto-Burman of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. Koirengs have Mongoloid features and are generally short-statured, with straight black hair, dark brown eyes and brown skin. Koireng is a recognized scheduled tribe of India. They have linguistic and cultural affinities with some of their neighbouring kindred people such as the Aimol, the Thikhup, the Purum and the Kharam tribes of Manipur and the Ranglong, the Hrangkhol and the Biete tribes of NC Hills, Assam.

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