Kut venues and miss kuts

Year Venue Miss Kut
1979 Keithelmanbi,S.Hills Miss Maman Guite
1980 Kangpokpi  
1981 Imphal  
1982 Lamka, CCpur Miss Rose Hangshing
1983 Imphal  
1984 Motbung, S.Hills Kut function cancelled*
1985 Imphal  
1986 Imphal  
1987 Imphal Miss Juliana Ramlianpari
1988 Lamka, CCpur Miss Rithinglian
1989 Imphal Miss Caroline Vaiphei
1990 Imphal Miss Radhapyari
1991 Imphal Miss Rinte Hmar
1992 Imphal  
1993 Lamka, CCpur Miss Zonunthari Hmar
1994 Lamka, CCpur Miss Kimboi Vaiphei
1995 Motbung, S.Hills Miss Saileja Maibam
1996 Saikot, CCpur Miss Khawlthra
1997 Moreh Miss Banita Ningombam
1998 Imphal Miss Teresa Haokip
1999 Kangpokpi Miss Vahsi kipgen
2000 Lamka, CCpur Miss contest disrupted
2001 No state level Kut  
2002 Imphal Miss Chinminchong Haokip
2003 Moreh Miss Chinneihoi Neishel
2004 Kangpokpi No miss kut contest
2004 Imphal Miss Ksh. Veijoujam
2006 Imphal No miss kut contest
2007 Imphal Miss Ramtranmawi Hmar
2008 Imphal Miss Minerva Moirangthem
2009 Imphal Miss Nicky Chongneithem
2010 Imphal Miss Divya Chingtham
2011 Imphal Miss Lungmuonkim Sitlhou
2012 Imphal Miss M.Kimhoithiem Gracy Haokip


Note: Earlier records pertaining to Miss Kut pageant were not maintained properly for which oversight is not ruled out. Miss contests were not organized in every State level Kut. Fashion Queen Contests were done in earlier State level Kuts.

* Function cancelled due to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination.
State Level Kut Souvenir - 2011